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Texas Passport Center is a Dallas Passport Courier Service.  From your home or work, you can transmit documents to us via FedEx and never stand in an agency line.

The owner of Texas Passport Center, Craig W. Long, has been registered with US Department of State to provide this service for over 5 years.

If you do not need our service, you can apply directly with US Department of State.

Your Passport When You Want It!

Government Fees are not Included.

5-7 Business Days

Only $399 + Gov Fee

8-10 Business Days

Only $299 + Gov Fee

4-5 Week Renewal

Only $149 + Gov Fee

Review Passport Renewal Requirements

Over 15 million Americans travel overseas each year. According to the most recent statistics issued by the US Department of State, about 46% of Americans have a valid passport.

Texas Passport Center offers all passport services and several passport processing options depending on your situation. Whether it’s your new passport, or you need to renew passport in Texas, our professionals are well versed in the details of the passport application process. If you are not sure which passport service is best for you, then you can either review the requirements link or call and talk to one of our passport professionals.

The experts at Texas Passport Center have in-depth knowledge and experience in handling every aspect of your US passport application. We stay on the pulse of the latest requirements issued by the US Department of State, embassies, and consulates of different countries.

Order Our Service

After placing your order we will email a check list of required documents and a customer service agent will call and go over the details of your case.

Drop-off or
Mail Documents

Drop off your documents at our Houston Office, or mail them.

Receive your documents

When you documents are ready we can mail it to you via FedEX Overnight or you can pick it up at our office.

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Why Texas Passport Center?

Same Day Service Available

Order our same day courier service and get your passport in no-time.

Highest level of security and privacy guaranteed

Texas Passport Center works directly with the US Department of State.
Your personal information is never exposed to anybody outside of Texas Passport Center and US Department of State.
When you apply to expedite your passport on our website, all your personal information is encrypted, and gets routinely deleted from our system. We do not save your credit card information in our system.

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