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Passport Renewal FAQ

How much does it cost to renew a child’s passport with your company?

Our company provides expedited services which provide you with the fastest processing available and expert service along the way.

Our Service Fee: $149 – $299
(This fee includes personal assistance, hand delivery, quality control, and the fastest passport processing available. Prices vary according to speed.)

Acceptance Agent: $25
(This is the fee paid to the passport acceptance agent and protects the identity of your child)

Passport Book: $80
(This is the U.S. Department of State’s price for the actual document)

Expediting Fee: $60
(This is the U.S. Department of State’s fee for processing your passport quickly)

Shipping: Varies

Does my child have to be present at the passport acceptance agent’s office?

When applying for a passport for a minor, the minor (under age 16) and both parents/guardians must be present at the passport acceptance agent’s office. This is to protect the identity of your child. If both parents/guardians are not able to be present at the office, then one parent/guardian must attend with a notarized document from the other parent or guardian.

What happens if there’s a problem with my application?

When you submit an application with Texas Passport Center, we are going to do everything we can to trouble shoot any potential issues before we turn them into the U.S Department of State. When we turn in the application you have the option of allowing us to know about issues or not. If there is an issue after submission and you have given us permission to receive these notifications, then the U.S. Department of State will notified both you and us of the issue and we will help you to remedy the situation.

Will my old passport be returned to me?

Many people like to have their old passports as a keepsake. Although your current passport does need to be turned in with your application, that passport will be returned to you. The canceled passport will have two small holes punched in the bottom of your identification page to mark it as canceled.

Can I turn in a handwritten application?

When utilizing a passport expediting company, handwritten applications are not accepted. The U. S. Department of State offers an online version. This version prints with a bar code and eliminates many mistakes made when deciphering handwriting. Texas Passport Center will help you with this process.

Order Our Service

After placing your order we will email a check list of required documents and a customer service agent will call and go over the details of your case.

Drop-off or
Mail Documents

Drop off your documents at our Houston Office, or mail them.

Receive your documents

When you documents are ready we can mail it to you via FedEX Overnight or you can pick it up at our office.

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When you apply to expedite your passport on our website, all your personal information is encrypted, and gets routinely deleted from our system. We do not save your credit card information in our system.

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